Our company

Here at Evergreens, We're passionate about bringing you the freshest produce, groceries, and frozen goods at the best value. Built on a proud family heritage, generations have passed on their expertise to bring value to your business by offering a wide range of products, simplified ordering and delivery solutions. We can help you save time and money by delivering right to your kitchen door!

Evergreens are a leading food service provider to people all across Pretoria including: Restaurants | Garages Stores | Catering Companies | Government Departments | Guesthouses | Universities, Schools, Creches | Take-Aways | Canteens | Pubs & Clubs | Industrial On-Site Kitchens | Tuck Shops | Old-Age and Children's homes | Police and other public servants | Hotels | Resale businesses

We command high food-safety standards in all practices, and with multi-temp refrigerated trucks you can be assured your goods are handled with the best care. We are one-stop-shopping, leaving you with more time to focus on your customers.

From our store to yours

We are proud to offer you a complete solution that encompasses a wide range of goods from bulk grocery items to the freshest produce in the city! We offer a variety of goods that'll keep you and your establishment stocked and supported such as:

  • Food Items: Bulk High-Quality Fresh Produce | Bulk Groceries | Bulk Frozen Goods | Frozen Chicken | Russians and Processed Meats | Chilled Items | Beverages | Fresh Bread & Rolls | Wines
  • Non-Food Items: Cleaning Materials | Packaging | Food-Serve Consumables

You Click, We Pick & Deliver!

Ordering your goods online from your PC, tablet or phone has never been easier than with www.Evergreens.co.za

Register online to place your order today and gain access to a world of convenience and access to goods at your finger tips!

Make managing your supply chain easy using these great features:

  • In-store pricing that's updated twice a day
  • products with their variable weights
  • Pre-paid accounts available
  • On-the-day update of availability and stock adjustments
  • Full product searches 
  • Full customer profile and transaction history

Want to know more? Drop us a mail at Online@evergreens.co.za and we'll be happy assist you!